CD Proceeding

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The CD proceeding of ICMS2014 is announced.  Please check HERE to read articles in CD proceeding. If you need to update any information, please contact us ( before June 5, 2014.

ICMS2014 Program

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The program schedule of ICMS2014 is announced. Please check HERE and help us confirm the information of the manuscript. If you need to update any information, please contact us ( before May 23, 2014.


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June 18, 2014
08:30-17:00 Registration/Paper Presentation
17:00-21:00 Welcome Dinner

June 19, 2014
08:30-17:00 Registration/Paper Presentation

June 20, 2014
09:00-18:00 Day Tour
Campus visit - National Taipei University
Sanshia Old Street
Yingge Ceramics Museum

Virtual presentation
Virtual presentation session is an experimental session for participants who have to be absent due to unexpected reasons. The virtual presentation session looks like "poster session" in traditional conference. Nevertheless, authors need to prepare powerpoint slide rather than poster in paper. Participants who cannot attend physically may choose to participate via the virtual session. In the virtual session, authors provide powerpoint slide file. Conference staffs will put the file on conference website. The powerpoint slide of virtual presentation session will also be played at "tea break" between sessions. Authors may also provide presentation video if they want. Authors and participants can discuss their papers on Internet during the two week period surrounding the conference.
Registration fee for virtual presentation is the same as oral presentation.

Co-Location Events

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The following four conferences are co-located: 

International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Information Systems Research

International Conference on Business and Management
organized by College of Business, National Taipei University 

International Conference on Marketing Studies 
Co-organized by Tatung University, Taiwan

International Conference on Cyber Behavior

Important Dates

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International Conference on Marketing Studies
June 18-20, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan

Abstract or Full paper Submission Deadline: April 1, 2014
Acceptance Notification: Three weeks after submission
Registration Deadline: May 10, 2014
Conference Program Announcement: May 31, 2014
Conference Dates: June 18-20, 2014

Tracks for ICMS2014

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Track 1: Strategic Marketing

        Marketing Strategy and Management

        Global and International Marketing

        Inter-cultural Marketing

Track 2: Business Marketing and Supply Chain

        Business to Business Marketing

        Sale Management

        Supply Chain Management

        Distribution and Logistics Management

Track 3: Consumer Behavior

        Consumer Behavior and Psychology


        Fashion and Luxury Product Marketing

        Consumer Neuroscience

Track 4: Internet Marketing

        Internet and Interactive Marketing

        Online Behavior and Psychology

        Social Networking


        Virtual Reality and Internet Advertising

Track 5: Marketing Communication




        Customer Relationship Management

        Relationship Marketing

Track 6: Tourism, Hospitality, and Service Marketing

        Tourism Management

        Hospitality Management

        Service Marketing

        Sports and Leisure Activities Marketing

Track 7: Social Marketing

        Social Marketing

        Green Marketing

        Nonprofit Marketing

Track 8: Marketing Research and Education

        Research Method

        Bibliometric and Literature

        Marketing Education

Track 9: Others

        All Other Marketing Relative Topics

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